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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry , Ta'm e guilass,a 1997 Iranian film directed by Abbas Kiarostami , starring Homayoun Ershadi as the Protoganist Mr.Badii who travels through the suburbs in search of person who could bury him in exchange of hefty amount. He meets a soldier , an afgani student , then finally zeroing on a Azeri taxidermist. It is the travel of the life ultimate decision makes interestingly wry and a collage of roughly described philosophical notes. 

Ershadi looks perfect for the role where most of the scenes are close up shots on him , at least in first half , when the travel reaches its reason. One could say acting was in his nature or at least this role. I was stumbled upon seeing one of the perfect prolific acting of the Character Mr. Badii.

Abbas , plainly believing on his making challenged the audience proving his ability of being wry and yet same time philosophical.

There are long shots, dead silence , no background music, exceptionally pictured hilly regions, long shots zeroing on Ershadi. Man its sheer belief of what the script materializes is in question, and its proved.

Taste of Cherry , is indeed a master’s work, winning 97’s Palme d’or Cannes, for its spectacular portrayal of Cinematic excellence.

Top Ten Movies : Move No 3

Dominated by British over a good period of 3 centuries and the way colonization was spread , English became profound language. Today daily choir in Economic background is sung in English. I m not here to sing any of that now , when I take on my third best film watched in Tamil Cinema, I had to spread my views beyond the silver screen. This movie stands in elite list not because of making, its magnificence of a debut directorship, its portrayal from a director who is from first family of Indian Cinematography , the Balu Mahendra school of Directors. I m here to put forth my views on the plot before taking on its execution.

IT life , Livelihood spread across the GEN-X folks who live on this economic exploitation. The Life style of we so called people who exploit the least available resource and make a meaning of it. IS this wrong? We strive hard for this , when we earn this we enjoy this. Its fine.

Now as in every strata of life , there is a thin line between are we living the life without endangering others. Endangering the others society. Freedom is what I can do without touching the freedom of others.
Katrathu Tamil (Learnt Tamil) is a movie directed by Ram , close associate of Balu Mahendra , who deals the life of Prabhakar as his sumblime plot explaining the endangers of a Native Mother tongue learnt and teaching graduate, the imbalance of such a person with the society , thanks to economic exploitation.
This story neatly pictures the wrong side of our society, as said the thin line is crossed maniar times by many people. This story has a love story as a back drop , Life of Prabhakar from Childhood who loses his family to a tragic accident , completes his schooling with good grades , becomes Graduate in his mother tongue , works as a School teacher. His life till then though had lot of difficulties goes on plain path. The atrocities of the society towards such a person whose livelihood is questioned by meaner society turns him to an aggressive brutal man , making him a , in one way a representative of those endangered people questioning the norms of this society. With a backdrop of his love for Anandhi , the story transforms from a village , life of him through meanest times, travel to Maharastra for his love, life in Chennai , his encounters with the Manipulated society . He goes on a brutal rage , becomes a killer , of all he resembles as a single man whose questions even you and me can’t answer.

This movie throws a tide full of questions which I see unanswered in the mirror when I see every morning. The questions that has no answers which gives me sleepless nights. His life , though a fictional one, gives an questionnaire whose answers has been buried in these so called Life.

What makes me to pick this movie as one of the best of Tamil Cinema?

Its rage. Rage of showing a Movie as a cinema. Making a movie that every Tamil Cinema fellow will , be proud of. If I say What Mani ratnam has done for more than twenty years he has done in one film. If you call this as exaggeration so be it, there is some truth in these lines.
Capturing the strong poignant plot , in midst of rage , throwing the society in the corner and in some way hanging the society with brutal screenplay, amidst a soft plain innocent love story. This is a mark of veteran. Not only a veteran but of a genius.
Every time is see this movie as was on Friday evening, this movie killed my last remaining conscience , and sir , please take it from me, you will think twice before exploiting the species called human in the name of todays next generation , in the name of language , in the name of show off.

To some extent some pro side may argue, we have worked hard for this and we have right to enjoy, not at the cost of exploiting the society. If there is anything remaining in your hanged conscience after watching this movie, Yuvan would have made sure its killed with its splendid music. True Gene-product of Raja.

When arurag Kashyap thanked Madurai Trio in his GOW, if anyone of you guys would have watched any of these movies, Don’t miss this one. If at all anyone asks me to rate one best movie of these 10 , it would be this, at least a top contender.

Top Ten Movies : My List : Movie No 2

Always there is a fascination for stories that are fictionalized epics and when it is screen played in the perfect sense in celluloid , it makes one not only feel awe , but which becomes close to one’s heart. In my next film of Watch and Post Top Ten Tamil Films ever , I watched Yesterday , Thalapathi (commander) . One of Mani ratnams Classic and For me The best.

Mani uses pages of Epic Mahabharatha , He Uses Karna , His protagonist in his Next of movie series which deals with Nallavana Kettavana (Goood-bad) Theme. For me this movie is among top not for the story or the performance , as it could only be great when you pull out pages from the Epic or cast great actors. For me what pleased is the Making , its execution and the way the character of every individual is portrayed. Thalapathi is story of Surya , the abandoned child of an unwed mother , finding a friend in Devarajan , a local gangster. It’s a story of Friendship , more poignantly it’s a story of Lost love, of Mother son relationship, a meaning to a never sung lullaby.

Mani Portrays the epic battle of emotions in thalapathi where Surya is belted against lost love, friendship , emotions wanting of a mother’s love. If Mani strongs on what he visualize of , Santhosh Sivan gives you a vivid performance behind the lens which is treated with at most magnificence. 
The prologue shots of minor gal giving birth to Surya , the travel of just born , Black and white shots , silhouettes against sun , the midas touch of Lensmen in potraying the beauty with rawness. It’s just trait of a mastery. 

Some of the best performance has come in this movie, I could watch Rajni to play an Actor role than of a star , a super star , after Mahendran’s Mullum malarum. Most remembering performance is still that of Srividhya and when you have casting like Amrish Puri , Mamuka , Bhanu Priya , nagesh, Charuhasan , its just the plot enhances. 

Music Gives you a blend of soothing memories, it makes you dance, emote and when Maestro gives a life to scenes , it kills your innermost conscience. These BGM’s profound hymns the story from a Local thug war into a collage of emotional melodrama. 

For me this movie is more than a story of Friendship, it a story of unload , un sung lullaby and it’s about the unparalleled beauty of a character of Surya. 

8 more to come….

Top Ten Tamil Films : My List : Movie No 1

What started as informal discussion among blogger friends , the TOP Ten Tamil Film List is now what i m working. My Plan is to watch the TOP TEN FILMS in next ten days(started this tuesday), one per day and post my thoughts (minimal) on the film.

I have made an self imposed criteria on this. There cant be no more than two directors whose films should be there more than one.
SO two directors max or having 2 films, remaining , one each. This shall give varied competition. Thought on Covering the entire era shall be planned and here goes my list.
Movie No 1:
Name Apoorva raagangangal ( Rare Melodies)
Director : KB
Starring: Srividhya,Jayasudha,Kamal,Major Sunderrajan,RajniKanth
Exceptional Screenplay Powerpacked performance. Deals with Relationships with Abnormal Age differences Challenging social Norms.
PS: These movies are not rated to top 10 but Ten Best FIlms
PSS:No review or thoughts just liners.


Now a days , i made a point to wear hat ... some call it looks good , some wont... just i believe in my inner voice when i see the mirror and yeah , i made a point to stand before the mirror before leaving out , for few mintutes and self dictate few items to do today... this helped me to attain self described productivity... yeah Self Described Productivity was introduced when i realised no certification Hike Appreciation can wither my attitude, this SDP makes me sleep well...

ok sorry i was talking about my hat, a Nike one which has dri-fit inscribed on it... wearing a hat makes on bald soon... who said... wearing a hat makes one feel composed , i say... this is also a part of SDP , may be an annexure ... why i m talking about hat now... yeah i will tell u ...
what makes you to wake up in the morning? an alarm , fart of your roomie , watever... none was my case... i sleep when i want i get up when i want... but the word want goes wanting to define... isnt ? working in Self Customized shift , when having a Laptop and option to connect to client VPN is a boon ... another Annexure here... you code much faster with less errors when you listen to Bombay Jayashree and you can use the time in office in sending status mails monitor work , sometimes to get Indian Food and eat ...
Ok what makes you to get up , thats important to explain before explaining my hat story, rather concluding...'

In my 7th layer of dream world , i regularly to talk to my last bench friends ... sorry last bench is boring bench ... penultimate benchers in my school... when i was talking to them in my so called dream world, we recollected some of english stories which we read , rather cherished doing english...

yeah coming back to my hat story ... the reason for this post is this and the same is what i was discussing with my friends in the dream world... GK CHESTERTON's On running over one's Hat...

கண்ணம்மா -- என் காதலி By Subramanya Bharathiyar

பாயுமொளி நீ எனக்கு, பார்க்கும்விழி நானுனக்கு;

தோயும்மது நீ யெனக்கு, தும்பியடி நானுனக்கு;
வாயுரைக்க வருகுதில்லை, வாழிநின்றன் மேன்மை யெல்லாம்;
தூயசுடர் வானொளியே! சூறையமுதே! கண்ணம்மா! 

வீணையடி நீ எனக்கு, மேவும்விரல் நானுனக்கு;
பூணும்வட நீயெனக்கு, புதுவயிரம் நானுனக்கு;
காணுமிடந் தோறுநின்றன் கண்ணினொளி வீசுதடி!
மாணுடைய பேரரசே! வாழ்வுநிலையே! கண்ணம்மா! 

காதலடி நீ யெனக்கு, காந்தமடி நானுனக்கு;
வேதமடி நீ யெனக்கு, வித்தையடி நானுனக்கு;
போதமுற்ற போதினிலே பொங்கிவருந் தீஞ்சுவையே!
நாதவடி வானவளே! நல்லஉயிரே கண்ணம்மா!

தாரையடி நீ யெனக்கு, தண்மதியம் நானுனக்கு;
வீரமடி நீ யெனக்கு, வெற்றியடி நானுனக்கு;
தாரணியில் வானுலகில் சார்ந்திருக்கும் இன்பமெல்லாம்
ஓருருவ மாய்ச்சமைந்தாய்! உள்ளமுதமே! கண்ணம்மா! 

PS: Looped to Bombay Jayashree Version ..

Friday, April 5, 2013

Paradesi Songs Reviewed

After working for Raja and yuvan for his first four films , Bala moves on to GV Prakash Kumar in the yet to be released film Paradesi , a Film based on the life of immigrants to Tea estates and their slaved life pre independence era which was penned by Paul Harris Daniel a medical officer who lived in the parts of Valparai. This book was later translated in many languages before Bala scripting it. 

Lyrics are by Vairamuthu.

Who I’m to review a piece which comes from him. But let me aspire at least what I feel about these which for me for sure going to be yet another pearl of Tamil Cinema, Indian Cinema on the whole.

The teaser shattered me with brilliance . from months I’m reading blogs , articles , paper cuttings about these plot. I m doing homework because for certainty I know the plot and lyrical magnificence are way beyond my understanding on this subject and I need to know a lot. 

Avatha Paiyya Rendered by Yasin and Vandana Srinivasan is a melodically marvel gives an hint of a teasing conversational between a couple . Musically it’s a simple melody giving importance to the vocal than the music accompanied with light hearted strings and percussion involved . The veena usage in between saranam and the Ghatam beats gives a pleasant feel accompanied by Vandana’s crushed voice which I loved in Oru Pathi Kanavu (Thandavam). GV has proved yet again he can take a song to any height in his mixing of layers. 

Sengaade is strong. Its toxic. Its harsh. No I m not saying it’s a rocky number. It’s the soul of the film. It’s the number which explains the slaved life the need , the pain , the agony which people endanger when they are asked to leave their home for sake of life food . Madhu Balakrishnan gives us a perfect performance which shall make you be numb. Again GV has played low profile to make sure the agony described in the lyrical magnificence is rightly portrayed. A Special mention to Madhu for his pure power to display the rightful wish of Bala here. 

Potta Kalliyum Mullu Thechathum
Pothu Ozhugumae Paalu
Kaalam Kaalama Azhuthu Theethutom
Kannil Illayae Neeru
Vaatum Panjathil Kokku Kaalapol
Vathi Pochaiyya Vaazhvvu
Kootam Kootama Vaazha Pogiroam
Kooda Varuguthae Saavvu

The spophiticated life we are living may be its difficult to fathom the agony of these people . May be to be born free from these agony is itself a blessing the nature has given to us. 

Velayatha Kaata Vittu Vilayanda Veeta Vittu
Velanthiya Veyili Janam Veliyeruthae Ohhho…
Vaazhvodu Konduvidumo Saavvodu Konduvidumo
Poagum Desai Theriymalae Vazhi Neeluthae

Uyirødu Vaazhvathukøøda Širu Thunbamae
Vayirødu Vaazhvathuthaanae Perum Thunbamae

Ah… just stood up and salute the master .

Pøllatha Vithiyin Mayaikka Pørømae Panjam Pøzhaikka
Yaar Meelvathø Yaar Vaazhvathø Yaar Kandathu
Paalam Paalama Vedichu Kadakkuthae
Paadu Pattavan Bhøømi
Vedicha Bhøømiyil Pøthaikka Paakuthae
Kaedu Kettavan Šaami
Puliyan Køttaiya Avichi Thinuthan
Pøzhachu Kidakkuthu Maeni
Panjam Pøzhaikkavum Pasiya Theekkavum
Pacha Bhøømiya Kaami

This one is for sure so heart tearing one , particularly the rendition was so apt and nurtured. 

Kaadugalae Kalligalae Pøivarava
Kaalødu Šarala Kizhikka Kannødu Puzhuthi Adikka
Oørthandiyae Oørthediyae Oørpøguthae
Karuvaelam Kaadu Kadanthu Kaløøthum Maedu Kadanthu
Oørsaeralam Usurseruma Vazhi Illayae
Kanthani Paecha Nambi Šanam Pøguthae
Nadugala Køøtikøndu Nari Pøguthae
Udal Mattum Muthaleedaga Oru Nøøru Šanam Pøraaga
Uyir Meelumø Udal Meelumø Yaar Kandathu
Pøtta Kalliyum Mullu Thechathum
Pøthu Ozhugumae Paalu
Kaalam Kaalama Azhuthu Theethutøm
Kannil Illayae Neeru
Vaatum Panjathil Køkku Kaalapøl
Vathi Pøchaiyya Vaazhvvu
Køøtam Køøtama Vaazha Pøgirøam
Køøda Varuguthae Šaavvu

The vagabonds who depart the soil and yeah their soul in search of food , slaved work , life , with entire family , aged , women who carry pain in their wombs , children … the visuals come in front of my eyes and whats most grueling fact that Bala’s Visuals will be more grueling which shall make this piece of work a master piece. 

Vairan when given a zone of literal thinking , he can sweep you with his mastery work.

The master is called a master when he extracts the best from his team. Bala has done numerous times and its again here. This is my personal favorite. 
This song will make you feel the pain, it extracts the agony the sadness , the rage . Pragathi of Super singer is here to stay. The start alap sets the mood from which Prasanna takes a jump. In this Song GV has more scope for re recording and experimentation with instruments. He has never let the opportunity miss and yeah its superb. The ease with which the percussions blend with the strings is awesome to hear. The resonance of voices kills the innermost living breath in you making you just keep your eyes wide open and gaze at white washed wall. 

Just before “Paazhpona Veedu Kaalpona Aadu” when Pragathi starts her saranam the instrumentation are nothing but a mastery one. Music teases on you . This is my personal favorite.

Paazhpona Veedu Kaalpona Aadu
Onnodu Onna Thunai Aanathae
ThaaiPola Nenju Thaalatha Anbu
Mazhai Thanniyodu Maasillayae
Vali Sollavae Illayae Vaai Mozhi
Kaneerudhan Yaezhayin Thaai Mozhi
Engo Thavikkum Un Pillayae
Ingae Uravvu En Pillayae
KaiKonda Nellu Uliaagum Boadhu
Kaththazha Soarum Soragumae
Undana Sontham Udaigindra Boadhu
Illatha Sontham Uravaagumae
Oru Jeevano Uravilae Saeruthae
Iru Jeevano othayil Vaaduthae
Kaneer Thudaikka Aaal Illayae
Kaalam Nadkkum Kaal Illayae

Thannai thane… When other tracks give the enduring pain suffered by the vagabonds this is a semi devotional folk number on Lord jesus sung by Gana Bala. GV has moved away from traditional to folky style proving an experimentation here. 

Senner Thana by Gangai Amaran. Is what would have been a midas touch had raja accepted to sing, but his brother is no different or no less. This can be regarded as the best of Gangai Amaran. Multiple listens makes me feel it is a best choice.

Pandaikku Oru Paathi Aavi Pochae
Attaikku Sari Paathi Ratham Pochae
Enga Maelu Kaalu Vaerum Thola Pochae
Athu Kankaazhi Serupukku Thotha Pochae

Hey Oosi Mazhaiyae Oosi Mazhaiyae
Enga Udalodu Uyir Soodu Athupochae
Hey Uutha Kathae Uutha Kaathae
Enga Poorviga Poarvaiyum Pothu Pochae
Thegathil Ulla Elumbukku
Oru Veri Naayum Thora Naayum Mothuthae
Vaanathil Vazhum Nenjamo
Than Maarapai Thaaramal Oaduthae
Uyir Kaapathum Theivangal Kan Møøduthae

Paambukku Pasi Vanthathae
Oru Širu Køzhi Ènnagum Køøtilae
Yaanaiyin Perum Kaalilae
Širu Kaalangal Ènnagum Kaatilae
Ival Uyir Kaatha Oru Šøthum Paripønathae

It also as high scope of instrumentation involved with priya giving a Solo humming. The percussions give a gentle way to the strings and the Baritone (lack of word) voice gives the song a nice feel.

Overall this album is just an prelude for the mastery work to be displayed. This movie runs on high expectation when Bala joins hands with Vairamuthu. Lets wait till Dec 21 to see another meaning of Indian Cinema.

Happy Blogging.


Talaash , a new film on town starring Aamir khan , Rani , Kareena , Shehnaz and Nawasuddin of the few names I have known. Its written and directed by Reema Katgi. Zoya , Farhan and Anurag Kashyap have supported in screen writing. Aamir Farhan and Ritesh Sidwani get to produce the film and Ram Sampath holds the music department Mohanan and Anand finish the technical crew holding lens and in editing.

It’s a suspense thriller , it’s a drama of solving a mystery case . Aamir playing the role of a COP get to solve the mystery.

Cinematically , the script is as such. Provide the suspense till interval block and clear the suspense in later half. This makes the film a thrilling first half and the steam loses in second half. Reema Katgi has done an exceptional scripting if not the best. This is a movie for a one time watch and don’t watch if you know the ending. The loss of single child of Aamir-Rani Marriage and the relation of a sex worker Rosie played by Kareena , a Ghost translator (any specific word?) play a part to solve the case and also to clear the mental confusions in Aamir’s head. 

Acting wise, the best of pick is neither Aamir , Kareena Rani or even shehnaz it was Nawasuddin . He has come over as a matured actor who knows what he needs to be done. He has continued an excellence he has displayed in GOW. 

Some scenes which talks about mental instability of a normal human being is clearly displayed. With scenes do talking and crisp dialogues Reema and Team have done great work. What it lacks is the inability to change to give a new dimension rather I would say , to fall for a escapism and give a traditional ending. When people expect a doosra from you give a straighter one. A person who sits through the first half would expect some new dimesions in second half. When you serve him a same old wine in a pretty decent glass it becomes worse.

The Voice over songs are too good it gives the mood of a scene and so is BGM. Ram sampath has proved he knows his job , job is to elevate a scene to a new level.

If you are expecting a perfect thriller , you get be fooled, if you want to see a neatly executed thriller , you have your money. Also the point where you identify the thread is where it makes you feel bored. More early you find who is what , more early you get bored. 

3 outta 5 for a neatly executed first half and a okish second half.

And yeah we all Know Taal had Ash in it :P Taal-ash

Thursday, September 6, 2012

ThiraiKatha ... Screenplay'ed

When Movie making is commercialism and Movie Viewing is to chew popcorn as every sensible fellow ,I aligned myself away from these clutches which in the end of the day are just nothing more than a Puke-Plate.
To make a movie which is commercially viable and at the same time to make a viewer take back a lesson to live a life happier is much more important or at least need of the hour in constant changing dynamics of the living world where we tend to forget our roots. Palpable emotions hurt me the other day when I came out of my living room , tears went down and became emotionally challenged. Not that this movie was so , but just because some movies grew deep into your life , sit in your Hall of heart and pinch you so badly that you need almost days together to come out of that evil.

Thiraikatha (Screenplay) as it aptly says in its final closure scenes , we people make films (see films) that is much etched out neatly tuned , characterized with a picture perfect ending just to realize the people who make it and who live it (sentinel it with pure passion) are the actors who are poor in acting directed by an amateurish fellow with a poor plot called life. I was moved.

An Homage in the title card a read in Wikipedia moved me much before the start of the cinema. Generally we don’t believe on internet facts but for me , I was equally saddened with a thought of “Had it be true, how would it be , how would the lady endured the sufferings”. Yeah I accept it’s after all a screenplay, but…

“Akbar Ahmed” alias ‘Akky’ after a debut Hit film qualifies as a hot cake for the producers in Malayalam Film Industry , post success he takes care of his family business of running a Motel “Casablanca” along with his friends which includes his girlfriend ‘Devayani’. Passion for Movie making is the wealth these folks have and they become more focused on the next project though commercially winning was an option when top heroes agree to bend their dates for them.

Akky has different plans. He initially ventures into a research on ‘Lost Ladies of Yester Year Cinema’ leading up to Malavika , leading star of the previous generation. The Screenplay of Thiraikatha is well pictured as a flashback of realization in a form of narration that leads to a pursuit for the lady who not only did quit the industry but lives in an exile away from comfort. Akky unravels the life of Malavika , initially to be scripted as his second film making him to drop the plan when he knows the truth about her.

Ajayachandran who is the Super star of the industry who once debut with Malavika shares an important role in her life or if it’s the reverse ? What is the reason for which he did the act of becoming a cheap rouge in Malu’s eyes and how could this be resolved becomes the rest of the story amalgamating with what makes Akky Realize the realm of life.

Aby Kuruvilla ‘s role is one of the finest characterization I have ever seen in recent times.

Thiraikatha is not just the screenplay , but it unravels the truth behind the screens of people who give three hour pleasure. Neatly sketched , poignantly assaulted , it’s a movie of must watch. Most of the details I’m keeping away from this post to make a watch more poignant.

Technically , it’s a Malayalam movie. (Do anyone need more description?)
It contains the exact proposition of what to be made as , or to be called as a neat movie. Ranjith who is the director , who also did co-produce the movie , written and even acted the important role of Aby Kuruvilla whose letters take Akky to Malu, is one to look for. I’ll immediately start researching about him.

Prithviraj Playing the role of Akky and the voice over narration is perfectly blended with a marvelous Midas touch of a perfectionist. The closing scenes of the movie where he emotes the truth and the scenes with Anoop Menon , the talk-less montages , he wins as an actor. Main character of the films are Priya Mani and Anoop Chandran. Priya Mani sizzles as a star of the yesteryear as well as the lady in her late years struggling. She manages to portray a perfect execution of what her character needed. ‘Anoop’ , exhibits his mastery. BGM is as soothe and move with the scenes , couple of songs still rings in back of your mind. Chitra,Swtha,Madhu B , Shankar Mahadevan made me to relate much more... More than technically bright the apt titled screenplay becomes more strong by every passing scene. If ‘Srividhya’ is ‘Malu’ and whether the universal hero has a role in her life as suggested in Wikipedia is to be researched but for me this movie shall remain as a master piece from industry which has become my home of cinematic excellence.

PS: I’m stopped in end of each and every line to make sure those who watch this movie tonight after reading this review shouldn’t be spoiled. It’s hard to write a memoir about a movie which has shaken you.

Ek Tha Tiger

Guys for once you have to accept the admiration that Salman Khan acquires , a 100 Crore plus box office collection for the opening week with 100% occupancy in single and multiplex theatres , only the Demi God of Asia can think of. He has done it repeatedly in recent years with even movies which doesn’t qualify for decent story or screenplay. This makes him a true star , this is where from day one the other Khans lack. Particularly the Badshaah has to learn in making money not the other way like Ra-one.

Coming to ‘Ek tha Tiger’ , a Typical YRF Production who are minting money dangerously these days , a Kabir Khan film whose reputation in New York and Kabul express is good , and it’s a Salman Katrina starrer.

Story : A RAW agent is in love with ISI Lady , what happens is the climax , with Iraq used for Showing what is Tiger , Dublin where Tiger waits his chance to leap , a twist in Istanbul a Cuban Climax.

Screenplay , with a story said above similar to Kinder Garden books , screenplay is where Kabir khan has capitalized at least when you have Salman with you , basic glitches are acceptable. And when movie move from one place to another , country here , one can easily predict the unpredictable but Kabir for a normal movie goer , he got their pulses.
There are lot of loop holes in story as what happened to Scientist and is their mission so small that a love story take sit over and even you have hints of Bondesque scenes and at last a Dhoom 2 conclusion

Though it is not a romantic movie like at least Body Guard , or a complete mass entertainer like Dabaang , it falls in between two.

Execution and performance : Katrina is the poorest casting I have seen. Some scenes I would like to mention here , when Sallu Bhai catches Katrina in professor’s house , emotionless face like not a blood is moving kind of look, VijayKanth-Ballaya kind of stuns (though it came out well , its sans logic , at least a laugh riot) , her emotionless always open mouth expressions sick. Poor Casting

More importantly the quick utterence of words with sudden break syllable ends the one i did notice in ZNMD is not suiting her , may be she has cultivated this habit for no good.

Girish karnad , shenoy everyone else did their part yeah including the Professor and the doggie.

Sallu Bhai is just amazing , be it actions stopping the spidermanesque Tram with his coat or be it the opening Iraqi stunts be the dialogue delivery ,”Zinda ya Murda” he is Macho man. I could see only my Thalaivar like this and he has repeated many times right from Wanted days.

This kind of Sattire low voice dialgogue delivery i enjoyed while watching transformation of Mahesh Babu and yeah the pokiri remake wanted has played a strong change in body language and dialogue delivery of Sallu bhai.

Most importantly what Sallu Bhai wins over others is timing of Satire , No one can match him with his low voice comical satire , talking to self … which I feel he has got a punch of his own. If not for Salman I wouldn’t have dared to watch this movie and that explains well.

Coming to music none read none is a chartbuster at least for me and BGM reminds me of Don. Mashallah song , I bet I have heard this in a Tamil Item No ( 90’s film ).

The high jump into chartered flight , the tram stopping scene , the cuban chase reminds me of lot of yesteryear hollywood flicks.

Having said all this its just an entertainment.

Some points i need to add , rightly mentioned
is the beautiful cinematography and sharp editing as its a chase film with international locales.

Overall , this movie is like anyother movie which has base and building on the star power. At least we could see a not a blunder movie with Kabir doing his part. Watch it you won’t regret it. With piracy at its best here , I’m loving it.

Tiruvasagam Revisited...

This is an rat-size contribution for the Himalayan achievement Illayaraja has done 7 years ago. Seven years ago I was in 3 year of my college typically involving myself anything other than engineering. My involvement with Theatre , Music , Street Play , Mime started then. My Daily after college attending theatre workshop , work shop in Russian cultural center Alwarpet Chennai gave me ample time and scope to look for creative field as my occupation and I somehow achieved as little as I have now. These days my involvement with people in stage production (Musical play) was much and I even went to extend of doing small theatric roles for Madras Players and winning four in four Saarang IIT Theatre almost changed my mindset about life. With friends , I even managed to pull out a music album about Namma Chennai , from scratch completed full length production involving six tracks with as many music director-friends , invested months of my savings , released launched in Sathyam cinemas on Chennai day … and thus entering into the world of Music production with my life time aim to stage a musical play in Chennai (the land of creative hearts).
4 PM , took an auto from Chennai central to Music academy RK Salai grabbed a third row seat for the launch of Tiruvasagam in Symphony by Illairaja Supported by Tamil Maiyam.

Thiruvasagam (
) is a volume of Tamil hymns composed by the ninth century Shaivite bhakti poet Manikkavacakar. It contains 51 compositions and constitutes the eighth volume of the Tirumurai, the sacred anthology of Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta.

Illairaja , the Maestro did an Oratorio aptly supported by Tamil Maiyam ( NGO) consists of 6 tracks on “Tiruvasagam”. The oratorio was performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

Goose bumps, Happy –Cry, Speech less are some words which doesn’t get apt after listening to this track. It’s an experience. Particularly from a Vedic family , the impact of this experience was an Himalayan journey whose fathom can never be measured. The launch was grandeur who is who of Literal musical political fraternity who can relate to anywhere any form with Tamil Literature and music were there. Speeches after speeches four hours of non-stop experience of once in lifetime portrayal of magnanimous creation was this. Its blend of Carnatic music with western world , it’s what Mozart or Beethoven would have taken Illayaraja into their lap and kissed him and said , the legacy of Symphony was created just for you to master it.

Shiva , the Lord as we all know has lot of literature on him right from Veda to silent prayers. Tiruvasagam is very sacred and experience. Illayaraja donning the creators hat to give an ever lasting impression in the musical world is not just fluke.

Whom I’m here review it when my life has changed that evening. Three time each academy award and Grammy award winner says this on illairaja who wrote English Lyrics for this Symphony.

“Last night, at Sony Studios in New York City, I had the pleasure of hearing the almost-finished mix of Ilayaraaja's amazing work. It is unlike anything I've ever heard before, a stunning blend of Indian and Western music and instruments. I asked Mr. Raaja if this was something different for him too, and he said he had never done anything like this piece before. I don't know if anyone has. So I believe those of you looking forward to this are in for a great treat. The section to which I contributed English words is about twenty minutes long and dovetails back and forth between Mr. Raaja singing in Tamil and an American singer singing in English, plus there is a large and beautifully produced chorus. Mr. Raaja's orchestrations are superb, and the recording engineer, Richard King, has done a spectacular job sonically. I felt so very proud to be a small part of this project. Mr. Raaja is a pleasure to work with, in answer to your question. He is a quiet and gentle personality, always smiling and encouraging, which can make one forget what a musical genius he is. He was extremely clear with me about what he wanted me to do in translating/paraphrasing the Tamil text, what portions of Manikka-Vacagar's poem he wished me to emphasize, and what the deeper meanings were. When he wanted revisions, he was again very clear and helpful as to what adjustments he felt needed to be made to accomplish his vision. The people Mr. Raaja surrounds himself with, at least those it was my pleasure to meet, are also unfailingly positive personalities. The entire project for me has been an enjoyable and fascinating experience from beginning to end, and I feel extremely lucky to have been asked by Mr. Raaja to participate. I hope this answers some of your questions, and I believe I can promise you with confidence you are in for a major treat when you hear Thiruvasakam in Symphony. Sincerely, Stephen Schwartz”

And this is true , an experience of life that was and that is for last 7 years I’m looped this more often than not. To realize and gain this performance of Thiruvasagam, you seldom have to be an adept in music or an ability in Thiruvasagam. But you have so , you can understand what a Himalayan trek it was , it was of course trekking to MT Kailash sitting in your living room. Thiruvasagam is itself a master stroke and any compilation on it is burning your hands , Illairaja did it. To Bring Symphony in Classical Tamil , it’s an honor to have lived in the era and to have firsthand copy of it and experience meaning of life way back to my home .

“Poovar Chenni Mannan” The track brings out westernized symphony with classical Vedic rendition Maestro himself singing the lines (Tamil) . “Muthu Natramam” , Sung by Unni Krishsnan Madhu Balakrishnan Vijay Jesudas and others is folky. This proves the variation in his style. My favorite is the album itself but to pick Pollaa Vinayen sung by Illairaja and Ray Harcourt. The voice of Harcourt gives me a thumping hit on my inner most senses with lines of Stephen in English you are killed with senses on.

Some lines of translated Tiruvasagam by Stephen are here.

So many forms I must wear –
Grass and shrub and stone and tree
So many lives I must bear –
Worm and bird and beast and demon
Learn the sky and turn the earth
How long till I am fin'lly worthy?
My eyes were set on my own great deeds
My ears heard only words of praise
Tasting, smelling, touching only what is here and gone
And wond'ring why the hunger, thirst, and longing went on
Lost in vanity and pretense
My five senses made no sense
And then to this man, so blind and base
To him, you granted a glimpse of grace

Particularly the layered genius he is. A week back Prahsanth_Ashok was sharing in FB , thoughts on Illayraja and i mentioned a comment on the status. No one in India at least i know of it, has mastered the different layer utilization in their songs like Him.
Basics of audiography and mixing i have learnt when my album was processed in Panchatam studios. When listening to Polla vinayen track in this album , i could feel how could one possess extreme talent in doing this , fact is he didn’t compose using Harmoniam or keybord , he writes notes and fax it to the Hungarian folks. Now that is art. Not Just art , excellence of art.

This being his third attempt with Hungary , first was for a Malayalam film Guru (Lalettan) second was for Hey Ram.

The amalgamation of these lines with Tiruvasagam and its singing by Illairaja and Harcourt , with symphony , you should be living your second life , after reaching out your innermost death in conscience. Death in Niravana , I would call or by…You have missed your life best opportunity to experience Nirvana if you have never listened to this. My journey in the field of music , if by any chance I continue , will never be easy if I don’t bend down in front of maestro like Raaja , for whom the world might know ARR thanks to Andrew Loyd Webber and his Bombay dreams , the who is who in Music of the world should have toasted a cheers on this fellow from Theni , who not only mesmerized the field of cinematic excellence composing music, but went beyond the reach of all so that generations come by , world may destroy this year end , until the Sapta Swaras exist , the god of Music , Mr Illairaja shall survive in the hearts of millions of his lovers.

Hangzhou Dusted...

Travel not of road but once own self existence was my thought and write in my previous posts , but for a change I decided to travel on road forcefully self-failing to think beyond reality , beyond the last page of my novel, just reality to love and pleasure the beauty of mother earth . I did that , did that in my maiden travel beyond the place of work, This Friday evening I was set for a travel to Hangzhou.

There is a Chinese proverb which says “
” meaning "Be born in Suzhou, live in Hangzhou, eat in Guangzhou, die in Liuzhou”. Neither I was born here , death is not a planned task its always unplanned, hence the rest two are in our hands and I decided to go with one of them keeping the other for later adventures. “Live in Hangzhou” can also be sophistically translated to “Travel to Hangzhou” as for me like many of us meaning of Life is Travel, isn’t?

Friday evening , my last status mail for the week , Time sheet submission, Packed my Rucksack , charged not mobile of course , my Nikon and left for a journey initially thought as a stay-away from work but eventually it was more knowledgeable and pleasure ride.

Brief Description about the city and the need I planned for this trip and my initial expectations and places to visit : Hangzhou a 200 KM away city from Shanghai , South west of it , Has Infosys Office (DC) from the people I came to know the city is of Mussorie range, a lake , couple of temples is famous . My initial expectations was , nice breezy drizzling climate , lake boating , Temples, Food for self and lens , Overnight pubbing and snooker. The city is bisected by Qiantang River before flowing to East China sea.

Saturday morning with Friday night LOL in shanghai with non-intermittent game of 8-Ball Pool , travelled to the city by Road. It was heavily down pouring and visibility was not even for 15 m. After a quick fire brunch may be at the time when you all would have got up , we checked in the Sheraton . One hour later we were in Lingyin Temple.

Lingyin is a Buddhist temple of the Chan sect located north-west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China. The temple's name is commonly literally translated as Temple of the Soul's Retreat. It is one of the largest and wealthiest Buddhist temples in China, and contains numerous pagodas and Budddhist grottoes.

It is basically a five hall structure created to dedicated by Dynastical rulers to the Buddhist ages. One is welcomed by Maitreya or Milefo what you call as ‘laughing Budha’. My Favorite was Guanyin, a manifestation of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara, with relief screen, at the back of the Grand Hall of the Great Sage. The initial pathway leads as if entering caves of Feilai grottoes stone carved sculptures caves leading to great halls. Kwan-yin Statues was very uniquely designed and it perched my eye sight. ‘Mahavira Hall’. In front of Every hall there is a minaret style tombs which can be called as “pagoda” varying around 15 ft. There is also a 500 Arhats Hall which is lined display of Sculptures of ancient Monks.
**Pictures to be FB’ed.

Midafternoon , a temple to start and it was time for entertainment. We decided to move to lake side. “West Lake” it’s a big lake , big as a 40 min drive around its circumference in a radio car(Golf Cart) (I did it , later in the day). Reached for a place where I can have a nice Nai Cha (Tea) , the place was full of tea plantations and in house display. Post that I decided to take a boat ride alone. It was battery operated boat and runs in a decent speed. Behind the wheel , driving for more than half an hour without sun being seen , a breezy lake drive was like eating Butter scotch ice-cream with a Jack Daniel topping. Some pictures here and there I had some profile shots mostly OOF by locals there (it was very hard to explain what I want to them in my broken Chinese) .

The complete lake was paved perfectly for pedestrians , scenic beauty and most importantly it was like Ruskin Bond’s Mussorie. The Shore had Metal park-like chairs where one can sit with perfect magnetic view of the Leifeng Pagoda on one side , the commercialized sky scrapers on other side , a Hill on one side , Never ending lake on the other. Some time I even felt I was reading the white nights by Fodor Dostoevsky. Perfectly romantic and I could just dream of Sajda next to me. Just Dream , make a note.

With a king sized breath , I travelled lake side , completed a walk , reached a Mexican joint to have some Baritos and continued my walk for another half an hour when Lamborghini to Ferrari outlets passed by (I was seeing these first time , even a Rolls Royse ) SEXY .

I retired in my Hotel room in Sheraton after shaking legs for tunes , playing 8-Ball with a French lady (meaning of the word Gorgeous) couple of Daniels.

Next day got up with Ghost Rider and a cup of tea , finished the movie , checked out the hotel to Leifeng Pagoda

It is a five story tall tower with eight sides, located south West. History takes back thousand years ago. Some say there was a mausoleum below but later I got to know about this in internet that officially excavation resulted in a gold and silver coated hair of the Buddha was found. More importantly there was a superstition that the bricks from the tower could repel illness or prevent miscarriage, many people stole bricks from the tower to grind into powder. PRC made a point to conserve this and now it’s a Heritage center. The Pagoda resides as a tomb of these bricks (sacred) .The view of entire city , lake from each of third fourth and fifth floor looks quixotic. Each of these floors consists of display of carvings , pictures sculptures depicting the culture and history of this place. I was imaging Crouching Tiger and Hidden dragging when there was carvings of a war sequence. Have anyone been to Santhome basilica tomb in Chennai (In tomb, there is a molded sculpture of Thomas),these are of similar type.

A lunch in Indian restaurant , stared my journey way back.

Vintage Classic Happening: I was driving in the lake the other day and some body from other running boat called me . The boat was like typical "Dal lake" (remember Rajesh khanna with voice of Rafi sahab). Indu-dua (something) meaning are you from India ? and i nodded my head . He suddenly started singing a song in Chinese. Just to be later realized that the song is Main Awara Hoon (RAJ Kapoor Clasic). The fact that he is young max of my age making me realize that this song has transcended generations. RK take a bow.

Hangzhou is a place where you can spend a weekend enjoying the weather food and a pleasant travel , just a hour or two travel from Shanghai makes a perfect Holiday destination. More to come in Travelogue series : Revenge of Chinese : Food , Travel and Photography

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gangs of Wasseypur Part II

Before you read this, please go through my so called review about Gangs of Wasseypur here.
Now that everyone would have seen or at least heard about this epic cinema , as i would call , and no one can stop me, the is a reason for self-analysis why this movie for me is so special in Indian Cinema.
My review of Part I would have emphasized on the passing of Baton to Part II in a very classic touch , though Part I stands itself as an individual movie , there is lot to take from part I , and you are a semi lunatic if you sit in theatre watching just this part.
Sardar Khan is brutally killed, now where it goes, how the next generation takes the revenge of their ‘bujurgs’ , What shall Faizal Khan do , who shall support him , who shall betray him, will he kill Quereshi clan and Ramadhir Singh , that his father and Grandfather wasn’t able to do , What happens to him is just what it was going to be , but its own style. Style unique only to the city, people , generation.
Nawasuddin Siddique is not only a great find, but he is future of Indian Cinema. Why is so? Future of Indian Cinema leaving out mainstream commercialism, the characters played by him in Kahani and here , and in Pan Singh Tomar is what going to be the future of Indian Cinema , where Film Making takes a middle way between mainstream commercialism and so called art film. This type of making is commercially much more viable with huge returns and less investment and what we call with a Midas touch.

Without going for a spoiler , the scene where he kills Ramadhir singh, the agony he faces when he is cornered , the attitude he shows , he is what i call / the people like him / what i call the future of Indian Cinema.
Piyush Mishra Nagma Khatoon and others who had prominent role in first part did their justice for the role continued here. The second part is complete ride of Faizal khan and Zeishan Quadri , and i m sure no one could even think to deny this. And this is apt , again with no spoilers watch it.

The characterization of Zeishan Quadri is well plotted that for sure Anurag would have thought it that from scene one. Though Huma quershi didn’t have much part to play in latter half of Part II , but the montages involving her has been rightly pictured and she has lived the role. If it was ironic display of Huma Quershi in Latter part of first Part , it’s tough and bold sometimes timid lady in former part of first half. But i would say , taking the characterisation of Huma Quershi, The Casting of Gangs of Wasseypur is a bulls eye shot from Anurag.

Coming to Ramadhir Singh and Sultan Quershi , played by Tigmanshu Dhulia and Pankaj Tripathi. We all know Tigmanshu for his once in life time cinema "Hassil" , but i recognize him as a fellow who comes to talk in a public telephone booth when Shah Rukh khan runs behind Manisha Koirala in Dil se, and yeah he is the co-writer of a MANI Movie and for me one of the classics of Mani. Pan Singh Tomar and GOW (I & II) are taking Tigmanshu Dhulia in a path from where he can become one of the top notch talents in Indian Cinema and yeah ..... he is the Hassil Man.

The Role played here of Ramadhir Singh is the back bone of this Epic. There is no scope for losing the string that can lead to a sick film because , only when his role is portrayed strong , the roles played by Nawasuddin and Manoj can live to what it is now.

Particularly his body language and the way he acts when he is saying rich valued dialogues plotting the story in a comical way, he has lived as Ramadhir singh. Take a Bow.

Pankaj Tripathi as Sultan Quershi has not only lived for what he has mesmerized as the fellow who got trapped between his moral and struggling to save his life, taking revenge ... the ferociousness when he thwarts inside Faizal's area ... Picture perfect talent.

For me this movie stand alone or together with the part I is what each and every director needs to look upon , the budget is not a stop for making a cinema and i mean it. Anurag Kashyap has lived to what he would have imagined and i can visualize how strong he would have been in his emotions on the day of its release.

If you could ask me to rate what is so special about this movie , i would end up listing the entire divisions of Film making , the aweness with which movie is made , made me to feel forget even small mistakes.

My Famous dialogue in the movie is the statement made my Ramadhir singh on Indian cinema and its effect on the public. Hilariously true.

Reema Sen .. you see why she is not just hip churning bomb but she is actress which has act in it.

Now let’s come to main team behind this epic without whom movie is just a dust.

The relationship among Anurag Kashyap , Manoj Bajpai , Tigmanshu Dhulia Piyush Mishra is not new it’s from the days of Satya and assisting Ram Gopal Varma. Zeishan Quadri who played the role of Definite and also the writer of the film , the locale of Wasseypur. Sneha Khanwalker and GV Prakash for their music.Rajeev for handling lens.

More i write about this movie , it would become talking the well-known fact, so watch this movie. Don’t call yourself a movie fan , cinema fan , I love Indian Cinema , to some extent DONT SAY HOLLYWOOD STANDARDS IF FILM MAKING IS SUPER .... WITHOUT SEEING GANGS OF WASSEYPUR.

For Me Gangs of Wasseypur is a movie to be watch on last day of your life in death bed....

Monday, July 2, 2012

Gangs of Wasseypur (Film)

Gangs of Wasseypur (Film) Directed by Anurag Kashyap and written by a quartet (Zeishan quadri , Akiliesh jasiwal , Sachin Ladia and Anurah Kashyap)  shall be a two part epic to be released in a months’ time gap whose first part was released on 22nd June weekend.  I did manage to see this weekend as I was on a  travel last weekend and was in a vacation. May be that’s the reason I was cursing myself for the whole week , a highly expected movie an expectation equaled to what I would say for a Mani Ratnam or a Rajni movie , at least from my end , I wasn’t disappointed. This is a drama talking about  Mafia, Gang war , life of three generation people in around 5 and ½ hour of thrilling portrayal of people of Wasseypur and in and around Dhanbad.  So , what was in store for me , let’s see how much I got involved in the movie.

Before talking about the movie , I with my fellow blogger cum friend saluted the Madurai Trio Bala,Ameer and Sasi , who were credited in the title run by Anurag Kashyap which says “People who made me realize my roots” . I salute once again.

Impersonation of Sultana Daku is for both Shahid Khan and Quershi with Shahid Khan is made to exile from Wasseypur making him taking a pledge to kill Quershi’s and return to Wasseypur as a big Mafia . Shahid Khan exiles and becomes a Balvaan (Gang lord)  who slowly plans to kill Ramadhir Singh his boss who runs coal mines . Ramadhir Singh kills Shahid with Farhan (Shahid ‘s Cousin) escapes with  Sardar Khan making him to take a pledge to kill Ramadhir singh and become a Gang lord of entire Wasseypur. Will Sardar Khan succeed in his pledge what are the consequences , makes the first part of GOW. 

This movie is outright win for the Anurag Kashyap  and Manoj Bajpai.  The Script wins in portraying even minute details to perfection about the way of living of a mafia gang , life when in an area there are two gangs and they are in bloody quarrel with each other , life with in a family , portrayal of the details in generation time . This script I can consider is a proof of hardwork and dedication.

Two things standout completely in the reason to make the already strong script and performance to better , the Dialogues and the Background music. To be based on Parts of then Bihar now Chattisgarh , the local slangs , the way of usage of languages is mastered , I’m not sure to which extent they have , but for me this is SUPER. (People of Bihar can throw light on whether they have justified the slangs used or it is dramatized) . Songs with duration of a minute or two and BGM taking  a strong hand on the moving of the talkie , with most of the shots being montages.

Manoj Bajpai’s life time role and he has done justification to an ultimate level which only he can master it. If it was not Manoj Bajpai I couldn’t have thought anyone else. Right from the scene where he conquers every now and then Ramadhir singh , from the scenes he has with Nagma khatoon his wife, to the subtle and funny romance with Durga . One particular scene when he comes on top of a convoy  to make warn Ramadhir singh to return the girl kidnapped , ironical scenes with Seductress Durga , when durga washes clothes , the ruthlessness when on killing rage , the scenes with Nagma where she is angry on him of cheating her , for me Manoj Bajpai has lived as sardar Khan.

Richa Chadda a new find as Nagma Khatoon and Tigmanshu Dhulia [screen writer of Dil Se] as Ramadhir singh do perfection in the role.  Piyush Mishra as Farhan is apt. One thing I have to mention about Jaideep Alhawat's fine portrayal of Shaid Khan which makes the setting tone of this 5 hour two part epic.

Durga’s of being seductress and the reasons for the happenings in climax is much awaited in title cards of second part.

Now comes the main Hero Nawazuddin Siddique who plays the role of Faizal Khan  and supposed to be the  Mass man the GOW II . When I noticed him as Khan in Kahani I felt he should be the hot cake in Bollywood. He has fierceness in his language , eyes , body language and he creates style of his own. The scenes where he kills the Gin Seller and the way he plays the scenes with Mohasina played by Huma Quereshi  proves he is a perfectionist.
Now the conclusion of the part I has handed over the baton to him , I m eagerly waiting for the part II .

Good things in screenplay , the way the atmosphere of the script changed with the generations , the more strict language used in 50’s gives way to more comical and satire slangs in 80’s the narration in itself proved the movie is just not unwatchable.

Editing of these kind of movies is like riding a horse witting in opposite direction. Why I say this because , the fierceness of the performances and shots taken , with lot of montages involved , and the comic scenes to be short which should not lose the track of what is the movie made for , I salute.

Scenes I liked , the montages of Sardar wooing Durga , Nagma’s strong yet humorous words to sardar [GHar ki Bejati nahi karna], the Permission dialogue with Mohnisa and Faizal , The opening Khan-quershi fight for Sultana-Mafia-loot-train scenes , emergence of Sardar in Wasseypur, and the pre climax and the Climax and most of all the trailer of the GOW II ,

This Film is a slow plot making , time consuming settlement before it could be fierce ruthless revenge of a family , a triangular revenge set in the city of Wasseypur trailing into three generations ranging from Coal Mafia , Sand Mafia , Fish Breeding , Motor Parts Selling  , and additional coat of romance humor .

This movie is must watch who would like to see changing dynamics of Indian Cinema , emergence of Cinema rather being making a movie.

Last and never the least best find in this movie (even if she is not a new comer is Sneha Khanwalkar she might change the dynamics of Music in a movie , a separate post is warranted to talk about the soundtrack.
Mr. Anurag Kashyap, You have made a strong point in the world of Indian Cinema , with Black Friday Dev D and GOW , the indian Cinema Lovers are gonna love you and your style of Film making. Waiting breathtakingly for part II.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Forward facing Window Seat : Sajda

People meet strangers , have lot of walks with them, but why your strong heart collapses after listening to an emotion, though you aren’t related. This is what I thought and I think now.
Gogol , a simple yet independent guy transforms his life with an ease of simplicity and care-free life , enjoys the day of innumerable complexities with a smile sleeps a night cherishing his day full of events and purity. He takes his life as it what it comes and lives with a tag ‘Take life as it comes’. Many of us might not have the way of living as Gogol does and yet he is not special , but he feels his way of living is special and pure as he never takes anything to his heart. Gogol lives a life with a motto of passing the ball to the opponent and he believes in scoring goal with defensive tactic and he feels his way of living is successful more often than not as it gives courage to face difficulties , the most important motto for anyone’s living : courage to meet difficulties head high and with a smile.

His travel to workplace starts usually listening to the classics of Sufi singing in his brand new iPod, managing a forward window seat in the local which is what a make shift home for around couple of hours in the mornings and evenings of his life. This is the time he thinks to live and feels to enjoy the life. He always has a saying , Life is a tragedy for one who thinks and a comedy for the one who feels. He lives in these said lines making his life a practical melodrama.

On a fine day , while travelling to office in his daily routine local , the fellow passenger cum train commute-friend asked him why there was pain in his eyes, why the mood was dull and why he wasn’t sitting in the forward window seat even though it was empty…. And the answer to this is what happened a month ago…

A month ago, yeah a month … sometimes events in life doesn’t pass the test of time and lives in heart for ages or may be the time it was in his mind , the event , that made him feel it was as if ages passed… for him even disasters in personal life becomes a moment of despair and next moment becomes the time to concentrate on what is next , yeah the word means a lot to him , next. Having said that , what happened a month ago… yeah a month.

A Month Ago …

Gogol , post lunch with all symptoms of nausea post heavy lunch was sitting in front of his monitor lying on the keyboard for a quick nap , his usual practice a daily routine post which he takes his peers for a war of words in daily status calls. Suddenly a beep sound of a new mailer alarmed him from his sleep , yeah a mid-afternoon sleep , that would read about the need of blood , A- Group , yeah kind of rare group. Like all the corporate mailers it made him to shift delete swiftly , by then he would never know that shift delete is what has changed his mentality of living, of way of looking life and people around him.

Couple of days later around brunch time he planned with his team mates for a Special Lime , came down the Chamiers towers went to the nearby tea shop and ordered. He was enjoying the breathe of the King , suddenly he got a call from a unknown Landline no , notified to be from his office and picked it. It was a call from an HR manager and he asked me to report immediately to HR desk in ground floor. As everyone Gogol was worried about his deeds, his proxy swipe in , wearing informal shoes and all kind of Can be done without harm-illegal stuffs. Just he reached the HR Desk , Gogol was introduced to a Corporate level manager of the same unit as he was and the Manager led me out of the room. He introduced himself as Arvind Balakrishnan to Gogol.

A walk that I shall never forgot ….

Gogol was asked to walk to drive along with Arvind and there was a discussion with Gogol and Arvind in the Parking Lot. Arvind introduced himself as head of Gogol’s unit and he usually works from the same building and he started stating what made Gogol … a changed man.

In Arvind’s words…

I have my 8 month daughter suffering from terminal disease that would require a change of blood on weekly twice basis and that is the only way to make her extend her lifetime . Her blood group is A-ve . She was born after eight years of our marriage and we would like to do whatever we can. From the Internal site of the organization I found you have A-ve and I would request you to join the group of already existing ten odd people in regularizing this. I hope you can understand. There was a silence.

Gogol replied to Arvind with a word , tomorrow morning 10 AM.

The Next Day and the Month

After meeting Arvind the previous day he decided to help Arvind as much as possible. Gogol , organized his school friends and college friends acquaintances who possess A-ve and he made sure it reached the needed , the girl Sajda. Gogol reached office in the morning and post checking mails , he travelled to the hospital and called Arvind. They exchanged greetings and Arvind offered to make Gogol meet Sajda.

Sajda , 8 month Angel , he would describe , may be that was the only time he met her , smiling and resting the hands of her mother , Gogol rushed out and he wasn’t able to control his emotions. And Yeah Gogol was turning from an emotion less rock to a person made of heart and soul. The fate has already decided in changing the way Gogol sees the world.

He finished hxs formalities and went to Arvind and just said , ‘The day will come you shall live without fear and live without uncertainty. She will be alright’.

Gogol did talk to Latha , Mrs. Arvind on couple of occasions and Gogol realized the trauma the mother would have suffered. Their marriage was against the wish of their parents and no one from their family supported when needed.

For next couple of weeks Gogol did all , went to all kind of Blood banks , meet all kind of his known-mates made sure the twice in a week tablet never stopped. Gogol supported Arvind not financially , but the way anyone wanted , stood beside him. Every morning Arvind comes to Gogol’s place and offers him a chocolate , a practice his wife has asked. Gogol’s life and enjoyment in the weekend movies everything stopped, even for a small break he would drive to meet them in the hospital. He would engage with the doctors and other practitioners and relieve the parents. Even Gogol’s family understood that and his friends also supported him both officially and personally. That was time one could plausibly gauge the reality of people around them.

One day when Latha came to office to bring lunch for Arvind , Gogol met her , and Gogol offered her to drop back to hospital as Arvind was occupied. Gogol asked about Sajda. Latha informed what the doctors have to say. The drive back alone to office for Gogol was very pathetic. Sometime people get involved too much , they tend to look the issue as their own. May be that’s what we call as Human.

The Day which I wish to have never come.

Morning Gogol was attending a status call , His mobile beeped , never minding his status call , he attended the call from mobile , from the other side it was shattered voice of Arvind, Gogol immediately discontinued his status call and rushed to the hospital. The world came down. Sajda boarded a flight , a never returning flight to become an angel in another world. They were never shattered , the angel gave the courage to face the life when she departed. Arvind hold hands of Gogol , Gogol sat stunned .

Even today Gogol never sits in a Forward Facing Window Seat.

There might be a story like this beyond every shift delete you make. I wish there shouldn’t be. The shift delete gave me a brother a sister in law, an angel , Yeah Sajda!!! Wherever you are , your smiling face is what I have which makes me to face the life with Courage.

Don't read the last page of the novel that makes you to cometo reality... be in fiction always....